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OXO Technologies Holding is a leading investment firm of the tech sector in the CEE region. It includes a network of business angels as well as various financial and strategic investors as equity partners. Our investment policy targets the funding, partial or full buyout of early stage tech ventures, accelerate their growth and market expansion and prepare them for subsequent funding rounds and exits.


Looking for funding?

OXO Holdings provides funding up to EUR 500,000 per projects in the form of equity or convertible note financing. We also facilitate syndicate funding with further co-investing angels and VCs from our network, up to a total of EUR 1 million per project.

Unlike many other market players in the segment of early stage tech startups, OXO Holdings is ready to consider partial or full buyout of previous investors in order to provide an option for further growth and acceleration of promising tech projects of the appropriate team of founders.

Managing a network of institutional and angel investors with several hundred members, partly through the online platform OXO Stock, OXO group can further provide direct support for next rounds of funding from Angels through Series A and Series B investments.


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If you have a tech innovation that you'd like to present before leading angel and institutional investors, enter selected acceleration and mentoring programs or apply for various stages of funding, submit your project here.

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